Managing your special Air Cargo.

Investing time and money into a product you’re ready to launch, means ensuring its export or import is handled with the highest level of care. Recognizing the importance of partnering with someone who values your cargo as much as you do is crucial.

Our team is profoundly dedicated to our clients and their shipments. This dedication shines through in every part of our service. To us, your shipment isn’t just another cargo; it’s always treated as special cargo, meriting the utmost attention and care.

It all began with animal transport, and now Niche Aircargo is entering the stage.

ZooLogistics, our parent company, was launched in 2006 to meet the rising market need for an agency dedicated exclusively to animal transport. Standard freight agents were unable to fulfil the unique requirements of the market, prompting the establishment of ZooLogistics, a team of pure specialists.

Through the years, ZooLogistics has carved out a reputable name for itself. We started receiving more requests from clients to also handle various other types of freight as well. This reflected their trust and recognition in us. As a result, we introduced Niche Aircargo. Operating under this new brand, we extend our specialized knowledge to include ‘conventional’ freight as well.

Your valuable Air Cargo is our top priority.

The journey of your shipment to its destination often involves considerable time and preparation, reflecting not just its material worth but also the substantial time and effort you invested. We recognize the importance of this and therefore treat your shipment with the greatest care. We diligently track its status and stay in contact with you when needed.

Our only goal is the safe arrival of your shipment. We closely monitor each step of the process. Should any unforeseen issues arise, our immediate response and proactive measures aim to reduce any possible harm or hold-ups.

Why Air Freight is such a distinct field of expertise

Air freight is known to be the quickest transportation method. This speed comes at a higher cost, but is essential for products needing rapid transit.

As specialists in the air freight industry, we’re only too familiar with these time-sensitive demands. Our organization is dedicated to optimizing the logistics chain for peak efficiency. Effective communication with all stakeholders is key.

Air freight can be marked as the “elite sport” in modes of transportation. Our team at Niche Aircargo thrives in this specialized arena, navigating the complexities of air freight with ease and expertise.

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